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Accountancy and Finance

Research group

Lifecycle:1 Oct 2003 →  Today
Organisation profile:In the research group Accountancy and Finance fundamental and applied research in the areas of "Accountancy", "Financing" and "Insurance" is been executed. Below is an overview of the various research topics that are discussed in the study. The field of accountancy: • Financial accounting: external reporting, international accounting, investor communication, imitation behaviour of companies, environmental reporting, narrative reporting, internet reporting, transition to IFRS and influence on reported financial position, quality of financial reporting; • Management accounting and control: short term cost assignment systems, long term cost behavior analysis, planning and control; • Audit: audit quality, auditor independence & expertise, public oversight, assurance services, assurance on sustainability & environmental reporting; • Management information systems: implementation of accounting information systems, evolutions in the field of XBRL, influence of implementation of ERP-systems; • Earnings management: profit control mechanisms, factors influencing profit control, IFRS earnings management vs. national accounting standards. The field of finance: • Financial management: evolution of the role of the CFO, financing policy of Belgian public companies, the use of financial techniques in capital budgeting, value-based management and creation of shareholders value, financial risk management; • Financial economics: the functioning of financial markets, stock and bond returns, optimal portfolio selection, investment evaluation, reversion of extreme price drops in financial markets, statistical modelling of stock prices, credit default swap evaluation; • Banking and insurance: profitability of banks, reporting assessment in the field of risk policy, the role of Belgian mixed banks; • Personal finance: personal wealth risk, comparison of the right of usufruct and the right of building. The field of accounting & finance: • Corporate governance, accounting and finance in business groups and MNO''s; • SME-management: the use of financial bootstrapping techniques, management accounting and control systems for SME''s; • Family businesses: financial management, succession in family firms • Tax-management: transfer pricing, fiscal rulings, international tax systems The field of insurance: • Stochastic models in financial and actuarial mathematics • Distributions of financial and actuarial quantities with stochastic interest rates: analytical calculations and approximation methods in the case of incomplete information • Dependent risks: dependence measures and copula modeling
Disciplines:Applied economics, Business administration and accounting, Management