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Leuven Language Institute (ILT)

Research institute

Lifecycle:1 Jul 1977 →  Today
Organisation profile:

- Conception of anonomasiological learner's dictionary of business french (a production dictionary) based on a systematic description of word combinations. This work is inspired by the most recent developments in lexicography and lexicology (e.g. lexical functions, corpus-based lexicography,...). - Conception and compilation in a relational database of a context oriented arabic-dutch/dutch-arabic productive learner's dictionary and frequency vocabulary list, based on an extensive corpus of spoken and written standard arabic texts. - Composition of coded arabic electronic text corpora and the development of corpus exploration software. - Research in the application of (reading) strategies for students of economics. - Developing a survey of LSP students' common errors in English. - Study of the impact of students'language preference. - Further development of the CTPprogram (=C.A.L.L.) and of the corresponding lexical databases. - Study of the implementation of the new EET-list (European English Teaching list/Leuven 1996) in CALL programs (Computer Assisted Language Learning). - Study of the effectiveness of PLD maling (Personal Learning Dictionary) by Social Sciences students.

Keywords:LSP, Pedagogical lexicography, dictionary, vocabulary, business french
Disciplines:Linguistics, Education curriculum, Language studies