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Impact of first work experiences on the psychosocial well-being of newly qualified healthcare professionals (PSYWELL 2.0)

The call for healthcare professionals is louder than ever these days. It is vital that those who choose to work in healthcare remain in the field. Newly qualified healthcare professionals are facing numerous challenges, personally, work-related, and socially. These conditions can be rewarding, but also challenging and even exhausting, which makes it extra difficult for them to remain in the healthcare industry. They seem to be most susceptible to psychosocial risks, particularly in the first ten years of their careers. Through exploratory research, we intend to identify facilitating and hindering factors that have an impact on the psychosocial well-being of the newly qualified healthcare professional. Hereby, we distinguish personal, work-related, and social factors. Based on the obtained results, an inspiration bundle will be developed to prepare future healthcare professionals for the “new way of working” in an ever faster evolving VUCA society. This can support healthcare education institutions in preparing their students and in facilitating the transition from studying to working. The bundle can also serve as inspiration for the reception policies of healthcare organisations. In doing so, we want this study to make a positive contribution to the psychosocial well-being of newly qualified healthcare professionals and, more broadly, to prevent healthcare professionals from dropping out of their field. This has a positive impact on the patient's care, workplace cooperation (care team/work environment) and society.
Date:25 Sep 2023 →  Today
Keywords:psychosocial well-being
Disciplines:Other psychology and cognitive sciences not elsewhere classified
Project type:Collaboration project