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Socialisation of mental health care: Skills of care professionals in transition

The organisation of the Flemish care sector is in the midst of a transition from intramural care to community-based care. This transition requires new skills of healthcare, assistance, and service professionals. After all, up until now, the current healthcare professionals in the GGZ (geestelijke gezondheidszorg: mental health care), with nurses, remedial educationalists, social workers, and occupational therapists as the main disciplines, have mainly been trained according to an institutional logic, in which they work based on their own discipline with the client admitted to a department. In the community-oriented mental health care, on the other hand, healthcare is mainly provided according to a multidisciplinary collaboration, where the position differentiation according to discipline is not as clearly defined as in classic intramural care. However, this transition in working methods is happening without a corresponding framework to guide healthcare professionals already active in intramural care, or to prepare students and graduates. Flowing from this discrepancy, the central research question of this project is: "How can education and healthcare organizations support (future) healthcare professionals to enable them to operate as effectively as possible in a multidisciplinary and society-oriented healthcare context? The focus here is on the role of generic and discipline-specific competences. To valorise the project, an online skill examiner was developed, targeting employers in the mental health sector. The application is primarily intended to identify relevant competences that emerged from the research. The tool combines practice situations with qualitative and quantitative measurement. This enables the employer to make a realistic assessment of the competences that the participant possesses. The skill examiner can help in remedying gaps in the desired skills profile within the organization. In addition, a train the trainer module was developed for (future) care professionals in the mental health sector on practical skills in dealing with suicidal thoughts and end-of-life questions.
Date:1 Oct 2016 →  25 Sep 2022
Keywords:mental health care
Disciplines:Mental health nursing
Project type:Service project