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The Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) promotes accumulation of marine knowledge and excellence in marine research in Flanders. The marine research areas are the ocean and seas, the coast and the tidal systems. The target groups for knowledge accumulation are the marine research community as well as educational institutions, the general public, policymakers and the industry (within the scope of the blue economy).

The five strategic objectives of VLIZ are:

  • Initiate, support, promote and implement innovative and multidisciplinary marine research for the benefit of, in collaboration with or to Flemish and international marine research groups.
  • Promote the national and international image of Flemish marine research.
  • Serve as a national and international point of contact in the field of marine research.
  • Promote ocean literacy in Flanders and marine research visibility among the general public.
  • Provide tailored scientific data, information, knowledge and insights to the Flemish marine research community, the blue economy and policymakers with regard to marine matters.

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